Career Coaching Reviews

career coaching reviewsAll our career coaching reviews are open to inspection, although client anonymity is always maintained. As you read them, note that at CCS we do not offer a traditional career advice approach. Sometimes, you need to look beyond ‘career’ to find a way forward. The thoroughness of the CCS approach, and the tools and time we give you to reflect, can lead to a renewed enthusiasm for your current work. And, of course, some people do find the confidence and focus to move to a new career. Read on!

CCS Career Coaching Reviews

“I really valued Rob’s attentive manner and the way in which he was able to listen carefully to my points, pick out the most important issues and probe me further on them. This helped me to get clearer about a lot of the values/motivations which I have instinctively been guided by but never been able to consciously verbalise. Getting clear about these issues enabled me to understand what my real drives are and to be able to start making plans based on these instead of groping around in the dark, so to speak. I also felt very supported by Rob, who allowed me to express myself and feel comfortable exploring decisions and topics, which in the past, I have sometimes found frustrating.

I felt the career counselling surpassed my original expectations. It has helped me learn to make decisions based on my own consciously articulated internal criteria, which has been a fantastic thing for me to learn. I am still in the process of implementing some of the actions agreed through the counselling but I have high hopes for the future and that I will be able to use the knowledge I’ve gained in positive ways. Thank you very much Rob!” Recent graduate

Gilly is an extremely talented and skilled career counsellor and coach. Above all the thing that has always impressed me about Gilly is how great a listener she is. She always seems genuinely fascinated by people and has some amazing insights that allow her to make great, intelligent observations and ask some very powerful questions.” Partner, Business Consulting

“Counselling has given me the initiative and confidence to network effectively across my contact group. Kate demonstrated the – now obvious – role networking has in securing fulfilling roles and helped me understand the approach to talking to contacts. Unlike other counselling services I reviewed, Kate’s approach was tailor made to my needs and Kate is still finding time to give me feedback after our sessions have finished(!) which demonstrates her passion and commitment to getting her people into the right roles.” Interim manager

“It was really helpful to have someone questioning the direction I’m going in generally (i.e. change management) but also trying to understand whether I have not just the skills, but also the temperament / personality for an interim role. It felt almost like a ‘practice’ session for the kind of interviews I might have with recruiters over the coming weeks so very useful from a practical point of view as well as very useful discussion of CV approaches and key things I need to get across in my CV.

I’m getting exactly what I need from the process. I can’t stress enough how empowering it has been too – this has meant that I’ve been much more prepared for/confident going into conversations about leaving my current role on terms of my own choosing.” Mid-career changer

“I have left feeling really positive about the steps I am planning to take regarding my short-term and long-term career plans. It has helped to value, recognise and take into account my unique experiences and helped me improve my confidence. I am happy with the support I have been receiving after my last meeting, which I found very helpful and important.” Mature student

“I would certainly recommend career counselling to others. I found it incredibly helpful.” Self employed 

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