Accredited Career Coach Training

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The CCS Core Skills Course in Career Coaching & Counselling is now accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC). This means that all participants who complete our career coach training, plus a small assignment and a one hour follow-up case discussion, will receive a Certificate indicating the standard of coaching competency recognized by the AC.

CCS Accredited Career Coach Training

Over 20 years, CCS has trained more than 2000 people in over 100 organisations. This pioneering work has also been recognised by:

  • a National Training Award for work in training over 500 BBC career coaches
  • the Kingston University Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters  in Career & Talent Management has enabled over 60 CCS Graduates to gain a nationally recognised postgraduate qualification.  NB This course is currently under review, and is not taking applications for 2019.  Please see our website for updates of a revised Postgraduate Certificate in Career Coaching
  • the UK Association for Coaching has now accredited the CCS Career Coaching course

What is the CCS Core Skills Course in Career Coaching & Counselling?

A unique five day course that offers training over two modules in the core skills of career coaching. The CCS five stages of career coaching are covered on the course – from contracting with clients through to decision making and action. Participants completing the course receive a Certificate and CCS license on successfully passing a post-course test.

Now, graduates have an additional opportunity to gain Accreditation from the Association for Coaching. This involves a small amount of extra work after the course.

Career Counselling by Robert Nathan & Linda Hill (Sage,2006) describes the foundation of our training programmes .

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Do have a look at our video films below. They will give you an insight into some of the work we have done for organisations:

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