Testimonials: Balance Coaching Licensing Training

Below are selected testimonials for the Balance Coaching Licensing Training:

testimonials - Balance Coaching Licensing Training“Like a coach in your pocket, Balance asks all the right career questions (and can work as a regular reminder). Not just a ‘one-off’ review. Wish I’d had this from the start of my career, as I think it would have really made a difference and made things easier!)”

“Balance is in a space of its own in the organisational career coaching zone”

“What I particularly like is the focus on ‘you’ and ‘the employer’ in interaction. This is not something I have come across. Usually it’s either all about the organisation’s aims or all about ‘what I need from work'”

“This is a very clear and energising questionnaire. It gets you thinking about your career behaviours and aspirations, providing an ideal platform for self-reflection – an excellent tool to help inform a career coaching programme”

“A fantastic diagnostic tool – for individual and career coach to take a measure of where the individual is at and plan for intervention. Useful and pragmatic suggestions included on what actions could be taken. Accessible, easy to navigate and user friendly.”