Career Coaching Tools and Refresher Day for trained Coaches

career coaching tools

Career Coaching Refresher Day

This intensive and practical Career Coaching Refresher Day  will give trained career coaches the framework, skills and tools to respond to coachees bringing career-related issues to coaching.


Coaches already trained and currently seeing clients.  This CCS training will enable coaches to respond to clients’ career-related issues with greater confidence, knowledge and professionalism.

It is an excellent refresher for CCS graduates who want to revive their career coaching practice.

Learning outcomes and objectives:

  • Use three practical tools to broaden and deepen career coaching conversations and focus career decision-making
  • Know about a career coaching framework and be clearer how to incorporate career issues into coaching conversations
  • Be clearer about your own career drivers
  • Receive feedback pointers on strengths and development areas in own coaching style
  • Know about up date career decision theories
  • Know about at least two further practical tools

This Career Coaching Tools for trained Coaches Masterclass is limited to 1:4 tutor participant ratio, and a maximum of 12 participants. This means you will receive personal and tailored feedback on your coaching

What you will be able to do immediately after the Training:

  • Enable coachees to identify what really motivates them in work and life
  • Enable coachees to know what helps them to thrive and ‘be at their best’
  • Prepare coachees to be more fluent and articulate in preparing for CV and interview impact
  • Identify coachee transferable skills and strengths

NB This one day training is designed to equip trained and practising coaches. Go to the CCS Career Coaching Licensing Programme to find out more about our five days (two module) course .

Coaching contracts are often (but not always) developmental and start from a point of upbeat energy. Career coaching clients often present with dilemmas, such as:

  • How do I get my confidence back after being rejected for a role I wanted/expected to get?
  • How can I prepare for a forthcoming interview/application?
  • I am at a career crossroads. Can you help me decide which way to go next?
  • I am stagnating in my current role, but there are limited opportunities in the current economic climate. Can you help me to think through what I really want and could do, so I will be better prepared?
  • My skills and interests are currently underutilised. Can you help me to think through ways of better using them in or out of work?
  • I’m good at my job, but I don’t enjoy it. Can you help me explore what really motivates me?

What the day involves:

  • preparation of career coaching exercises
  • pre-reading of one or more relevant articles
  • becoming clearer about your own career drivers
  • practising the skills of career coaching, using three powerful tools
  • receiving personal feedback from trained and very experienced career coaches
  • becoming clearer about ways to incorporate career issues into your coaching

What you receive:

    • Copies of all the tools used on the day, plus a free pack of either the CCS Values Cards or the brand new CCS Balance Career Management cards
    • A Certificate of Attendance
    • A one hour follow up coaching discussion about best ways to use the tools


£490 + VAT

Next Course

February 27th 2020, London

Please contact if you wish to register for the course.