Our approach

CCS approachEffective career coaching and counselling take time. With the CCS approach, we realise that talking over and clarifying your thinking about your career development and choices can be complex. We appreciate that you may want to address how your personal, home and work ‘lives’ influence one another. We are therefore sensitive to the way you feel at this important time.

Our career coaches have professional qualifications in occupational psychology, career counselling and coaching.

The CCS Approach

At CCS, our approach is very much focused on you and where you are headed. You will have a number of one-to-one meetings with an experienced and trained Career Counsellor. We also make use of aptitude tests, questionnaires and ‘self appraisal exercises’ which can highlight potential, transferable skills, what really motivates you and life and work values. These can be useful to help you assess the suitability of different career opportunities, training courses and work environments.

We prefer to meet or talk to you first (this is always free of charge) to decide on the most appropriate programme to meet your personal needs.

Meetings are usually arranged at intervals of at least one week to provide you with sufficient time to reflect on the discussions and complete relevant home assignments and/or research. Where considerable travelling is involved it may be possible to combine two meetings on the same day.

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