Career Management for Global Organisations

A blended approach using videos, webinars, tools and e-learning.

Career Management for Global Organisations

Career management in global organisations is hard. People not located at HQ often feel overlooked and out of touch. They can become frustrated and impatient, leading to hasty decisions and the potential loss of good people; or plateaued employees whose performance and engagement drops.

Face to face career conversations are desirable but may not be cost or time effective.

CCS has developed a unique online Career Management questionnaire Balance™ and set of career tools. The purpose of such a programme enables employees to:

  • Understand the value of career management
  • Be clearer about areas of career management to improve
  • Be more in the career management ‘driving seat’
  • Set career and development goals
  • Network and build personal visibility?
  • Be prepared and open to changes in the organiiation

A tailored approach

CCS will work with your HR team to tailor a blended approach. This will include:

  • accessing the Balance™ questionnaire online
  • attending large ‘Broadcast’ webinars and smaller more personal ones
  • videos covering key career management topics
  • tools to address career management gaps

Please contact for an initial discussion.