Finding Your Purpose

finding your purpose

This Finding Your Purpose Masterclass is for Coaches, Career Coaches, HR and L and D professionals and others working with individuals who want to find their purpose.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been experiencing challenging working and living situations which can leave them feeling lost and disorientated. Some are questioning ‘what
do I want from my work?’, others may be experiencing precarious working conditions. Many will be considering how they can make their work and life more meaningful and sustainable within this ‘new normal’.

Re-establishing our why in our work and life can provide a point of reference for what motivates and gives us fulfilment. Undertaking such fundamental work with our clients can help to overcome some of the presenting barriers – for example limited self-worth, time and necessary skills – and provide a personal break through. Now is a perfect time to work with our clients to establish their purpose and to find meaningful, sustainable ways of working and living.

What is the value of attending the CCS Finding Your Purpose Masterclass?

At the end of the Masterclass, you will leave the day:

  • Understanding a practical method for finding and crystallising true purpose for your clients
  • Being adept at drawing upon a 27-page Finding Your Purpose workbook when working with clients
  • Knowing how to integrate and adapt this method to your work with different individual clients and groups
  • Feeling confident of generating an income stream from client work on finding your why
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your own authentic self for sustained personal growth

Some scenarios where Finding Your Why can be applied:

Clients who are:

  • –  during their mid-life (40-60 years old) and unsure about their next career/life
  • steps
  • –  facing redundancy, feeling lost and unclear how to find work that is meaningful
  • –  in work and feeling dis-satisfied and unfulfilled, thinking ‘Is this it?’
  • –  burnt out and questioning ‘How can I sustain work for the years ahead- at the beginning of their career, feeling unsure of how to enter the world of work

What does the Finding Your Purpose Work Book consist of?

A comprehensive 27-page work book to walk you through, step-by-step, the Finding Your Purpose approach. This will support you to help your clients to find purpose and meaning in their work and life.

This includes both guidance notes for you as the coach, examples of each step and worksheets to use directly in your work with clients, including:

  • –  Why the time is right now for us to work in this area
  • –  Benefits to us and clients of this work
  • –  What we mean by our true authentic self
  • –  Overview of Finding Your Purpose approach
  • –  Details of the five steps of the Finding Your Purpose approach
  • –  Honing your purpose
  • –  Living with purpose sustainably
  • –  Sign-posting to a range of literature and online resources

This practical day will leave you refreshed, and with ideas for tackling a range of areas that need shifting. You will also have the opportunity to practice the tools and gain professional feedback from experienced, qualified coaches. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, share tools and best practice.


You will leave this Breaking Through the Blocks Masterclass:

  • With ideas for tackling a range of areas you want to shift, and with a range of tools to enable your clients to move forward in ‘stuck’ situations
  • Able to notice and challenge more effectively ‘blocked’ or ‘blocking’ behaviour.
  • With tools that are instantly applicable to a range of situations.
  • With some new perspectives on shifting ‘stuckness’.
  • Able to address and overcome stuckness more quickly.
  • Better able to facilitate ‘breakthrough’ moments.

What to expect

  • new tools and approaches
  • practise in some novel writing techniques
  • an approach to brainstorming for people who don’t like brainstorming!
  • ways of challenging self limiting beliefs
  • reframing weaknesses as strengths

Fees and date

The Finding Your Purpose Masterclass (online) will be held on Thursday 17th September 0900-1715 (London time).

The fee is £300 + VAT

Early-Bird Rate: For applications received before Friday 14th August the fee is £275+VAT.


  • the training day
  • a 27-page Finding Your Purpose Work Book, comprising guidance notes, worksheets and resources to use when working with clients

This is a practical ‘hands on’ day with opportunities to practice the skills, to gain tutor-guided feedback


Dr Cathy Brown, Evolve

Cathy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who runs her own organisational development consultancy ( where she works with individuals, teams and business to manage transitions and change. As a CCS alumni, Cathy has collaborated with CCS over the past fifteen years.

Within her areas of expertise, she writes books (under the brand Testing the Water®), articles, speaks at conferences and is a guest lecturer on Masters courses at several universities. More latterly, she has been awarded a PhD within field of career mobility. In addition, Cathy helps to give challenged individuals a helping hand through life transitions(

Gilly Freedman, CCS

With a training, psychology, counselling and business background, Gilly has worked as a career coach and trainer with CCS since 1994. As well as working with a huge range of clients over the last twenty years, Gilly specialises in career coaching for Doctors and women returners. She has trained hundreds of HR professionals and others in career coaching skills. Gilly is a qualified coach supervisor and supervises the work of career coaches.

Gilly worked on the successful CCS bid and won a National Training Award for career coaching skills training for the BBC. She is the author of the CCS Networking Companion and co-author (with Rob Nathan) of the CCS Job Search Guide.

Please contact if you wish to register for the course.