In-House Career Coaching

What benefits can CCS Career Coaching bring to your organisation?

In-House Career Coaching

Benefits include the following:

  • Contributes to employee productivity, engagement and wellbeing
  • A strategic resource to address career transition and development goals
  • A preventive measure, averting potential crisis management or unwise career decisions
  • Attracts high quality people to your organisation

What does in-house CCS Career Coaching involve?

  • Combines tools with career coaching through a four stage process:
    1. Knowing yourself
    2. Clarifying areas of strength and development
    3. Identifying and exploring opportunities
    4. Deciding direction and actions
  • Face to face (121 and workshops) on- or off-site, or Skype
  • Uses CCS online tools, videos and webinars
  • Identifies internal career and development goals to build on individual knowledge, skills and experience
  • Prepares employees for internal job searches
  • Enables employees to take a more strategic and proactive approach to their career development
  • Identifies networks for employees to build on
  • Provides practical support for employees in transition – eg those returning to work after a break, starting a more senior role
  • Gives support to employees experiencing work-related stress (eg time management, use of strengths, delegation, team work, managing relationships)
  • Enables employees to develop more effective ways of adapting to changing circumstances
  • Can train line and HR managers in career coaching conversations (from 1 day introductory to full Association of Coaching Accreditation)

How does CCS work with the HR and management team?

We will meet with you to understand your context and what you want to achieve. No charge is made for an initial meeting and assessment. This meeting will cover:

  • Your general and specific objectives
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Any target groups?
  • Methods of delivery. Eg: shared between CCS and internal staff? Individual or workshops? Face to face or online? Blended learning programmes? Training HR. L & D and line managers in career coaching?

Results of survey of career coaching for one organisation

“81% tell us that career coaching has had a positive impact on their commitment and engagement with (the company), with 74% stating that career coaching has (influenced) their decision to stay with (the company)”

“I have been able to take time out to think about my medium/long term career objectives and to understand what actions I could take to achieve my professional goals. I have been able to put together a clear, concise and realistic action plan for the year ahead which has motivated me greatly.”

“The opportunity to talk to someone in a “neutral” position who could challenge pre-conceptions, doubts and assumptions. ……. it was useful to have a coach who understood my desire to have a work/life balance with a young family and who has personal experience of part time working and family commitments. Being coached to commit to some next steps!”

“66% believe that career coaching has opened their eyes to opportunities to further develop their career in the organisation and 32% had at least one positive career move”

Other comments from evaluations

“It is still with me today. I started the process a little uncertain, a little unsure ; and I ended it very certain of what I could do. And the proof of the pudding is that I got a job that played to my strengths”

“The help I really got was how to articulate my strengths”

“You celebrate things you are good at, and rebuild your confidence”

“People felt confident enough to apply for secondments and projects they wouldn’t have done otherwise”

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