Testimonials: Masters in Career Management

Below are selected testimonials for the Masters in Career Management

testimonials masters career management“The Certificate course work fitted in around my regular work commitments without becoming too onerous, yet it also encouraged me to look more deeply into some of my case work and broaden my understanding of what career counselling can do, and what responsibilities I take on in offering it. The requirement to do 50 face-to-face client hours within the year meant that I actively had to look for extra clients and was able to immerse myself in career counselling far more than I would have done otherwise, which has since been positively noted in a job interview I have attended.

The course also enabled me to take a hard look at my own career, and I feel it has provided me with tools and insights to make better choices in the future.

I learnt a great deal through my course work and the excellent support I received from the course leaders, and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to enhance their career counselling skills through a work-based scheme.”
Kristine Pommert

“After completing the core counselling skills course with CCS I felt well equipped with regards to working with clients in the capacity of career coach. I was keen to continue my professional development in this area, but in the twelve years since I graduated from University I had lost the discipline I felt I needed to continue to read and learn about the subject.

The Post Graduate Certificate in Career and Talent Management seemed to be the ideal way to ease me back into formal study, but in a way that fitted around my work and for a manageable length of time – the year certainly flew by quickly.

The reading list helped me get back into the right frame of mind and opened up the field of career counselling from a totally different perspective to my day to day work seeing individuals. Keeping a reflective journal seemed rather alien at the start (I think it was the name!). But actually I found myself writing things in it more and more regularly and have continued to do so since completing the programme. It’s become my first stop now to look up things I’ve read or thought about after working with clients.

The idea of writing and presenting case studies again seemed rather daunting too, but brought together my research and practice together in a way that was never possible at university. It gave the reading and research a real meaning when it was to help my work with a real individual rather than just an exercise in theory. The structure of working on the case studies has helped me form a frame work for my ongoing work with individuals as I continue to learn and develop my skills as a career counsellor.”
Frances Cushway