Refreshers and Tools Workshops

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2020 saw many of us pivot our approach to personal and professional development. We launched a number of two-hour Refreshers and Tools modules, half day Workshops and full day Masterclasses for Coaches and Career Coaches online, which were a huge success. We are pleased to offer these again together with one new module on ‘Managing client expectations’.

What you will gain from the Refresher and Tools Modules

  • practise the skills of career coaching
  • receive coaching pointers from trained and experienced career coaches
  • become clearer about ways to incorporate career issues into your coaching
  • Use practical tools to broaden and deepen career coaching conversations and focus career decision-making
  • Know about a career coaching framework and be clearer how to incorporate career issues into coaching conversations.

Who should attend?

  • CCS graduates wanting to refresh their skills and confidence
  • In-house Career and Talent Management Managers wanting to offer professional career support to staff
  • Other Coaches already trained and wanting to respond effectively to career issues

Programme Content

These two-hour modules* broadly follow the CCS five-stage framework. They are a great way to strengthen your knowledge and familiarity with powerful career coaching tools, their benefits and to practice for yourself. You will also have access to a recorded demonstration of most of the tools.

The structure of each module is broadly as follows:

  • Reminder of CCS Five stage framework
  • Tutor demonstration of the tool (recorded, so you can refer back to it)
  • Practice of the tool as coach and coachee
  • Discussion of application of the tool
  • Q & A

Non-CCS graduates are recommended to attend Workshops in order of the 5 stages of the CCS process.

Stage 1: Contracting

Managing Client Expectations*

This Workshop will underline the importance of careful ‘screening’ and contracting with clients.  Using case studies to consider client expectations, participants will work with a partner to prepare and practice a contracting role-play.  This practice will enable insights and confidence to ensure that an effective and viable contract is agreed mutually that will underpin the whole of the career counselling process.

*Please note this is a longer workshop of 3 hours.

Stage 2: Exploring

Career Timeline
This powerful tool is a great way to get a client to prepare for a first session. It requires the use of core counselling and coaching skills: listening, reflecting, summarising and managing the session.

Interest Explorer
The Interest Explorer is a great tool for uncovering deep-seated motivations. When combined with sensitive probing questions, excellent listening skills and discourse analysis, it becomes one of the most powerful tools we use in career coaching conversations.

When I’m at my Best
Debriefing When I’m at my best requires the ability to draw out a client’s narrative regarding a significant time when s/he was ’in the zone ‘. The session divides into story telling and analysis of the story to produce a valid and reliable list of key strengths and skills and the conditions that bring them to the fore.

Stage 3: Clarifying

Jobs Satisfiers
The Job Satisfiers tool brings together and clarifies the results of the earlier ‘Exploring’ Exercises. It requires focussed and challenging questioning to produce a strong and resonant list which can be used for job interviews and development discussions.

Stage 4: Visioning

Visioning and Blocks and Bridges
A reminder of the important link between the Visioning and Resourcing Action stages. Using the exercise ‘My world as I would like it’, participants will practice the skills needed to draw out and make more concrete a future vision and to reinforce the client’s “bridges” and begin to find ways to address any “blocks”.

121 Brainstorming and Questions/Resources
Another look at the Visioning stage by re-visiting the sometimes challenging, yet fruitful, 121 brainstorm approach. The Questions and Resources exercise is an effective alternative to Blocks and Bridges to critique an idea.

Stage 5: Resourcing Action

Using the Action Wheel
A great tool for moving clients to commit to some concrete action steps in an enjoyable, practical and visual way. Effective use requires core skills plus active input from the Coach.

2021 Dates for Refreshers Modules

CCS Stage Name of Module Date & Time Course Tutors
Stage 1
Managing Client Expectations* Weds 13th Jan
11 am-2pm
Kate Mansfield
Rachel Wright
Stage 2
Timeline Weds 20th Jan
Rob Nathan
Kirsty Tifft
Stage 2
Interest Explorer Weds 27th Jan
Kate Mansfield
Rachel Wright
Stage 2
When I’m at my Best Weds 3rd Feb
Rob Nathan
Gilly Freedman
Stage 3
Job Satisfiers Weds 10th Feb
Rob Nathan
Kirsty Tifft
Stage 4
My World and Blocks & Bridges Thurs 25th Feb
Gilly Freedman
Czarina Charles
Stage 4
121 Brainstorming/
Questions & Resources
Thurs 4th March
Gilly Freedman
Czarina Charles
Stage 5
Resourcing Action
Action Wheel Thurs 11th March
Gilly Freedman
Rachel Wright


 CCS graduates Non-CCS graduates

£45 per Workshop

£55 (Managing Client Expectations)


£75 per Workshop

£85 ( Managing Client Expectations)

Expires 3 weeks before Workshop

Eg 23rd Dec for 13th Jan Workshop

NB. VAT is additional to these fees for UK participants


£90 per Workshop

£100 (Managing Client Expectations)

Please contact to confirm which modules you are interested in booking.