Taking Control of Your Career Management

Taking Control of Your Career Management

Today, we are all expected to ‘manage our own careers’. The days of careers being managed for us have virtually disappeared.

Our  experience show that people who manage their careers effectively balance their own needs with those of their employer. In practice, this means paying attention to both your own and your employer’s needs, and not getting so buried in your employer’s requirements that you lose sight of your own career and lifestyle wellbeing, or vice versa.  Employers will value people who are engaged and ‘think ahead’ – they want to get the very best performance from you.

The CCS Taking Control of your Career Management programme covers:

  • Building relationships
    Eg developing networks and networking skills; managing difficult relationships; handling new relationships effectively in a more senior role
  • Learning and development
    Eg setting learning and development goals; addressing blocks to learning
  • Career development strategy
    Eg taking a strategic and proactive approach to career management
  • Use of personal energy
    Eg managing work-related stresses, time management, using your strengths effectively
  • Openness to change
    Eg developing effective ways of handling personal and organisational change
  • Work-life balance
    Eg identifying ‘red lines’ and what constitutes a satisfying work-life balance

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