Career Resilience

Understanding the nature of career resilience, and how to support clients using the CCS Personal Brand tool

Next workshop date: 18th February 12-3pm

Learn about the nature of Career Resilience. How is it different from
‘Resilience’? Understand more about ways to enable clients to ‘future proof’ their careers. Discuss the what, why and how of ‘Personal Brand’ and how it can help career management. Watch a recorded tutor demonstration and practice using the tool in pairs, with tutor-guided feedback.


  • Identify the qualities and skills that resilience draws on
  • Know more about ongoing Career Resilience
  • Be more aware of the skills and mindset needed to ‘future proof’ your career
  • Know about ways to enhance your Personal Brand
  • Be confident to coach effectively using the Personal Brand exercise


  • Clarifying definitions and understanding of ‘Resilience’ and ‘Career Resilience’
  • Recorded demonstration of the Personal Brand tool in action
  • Pairs practice (as coach and coachee) with tutor guided feedback.

Price £55 plus VAT

Handling blocks in career coaching

*Particularly important for coaching clients post-COVID*

Using techniques to unblock clients

Next workshop: 28th April 2021 12-3pm

Learn some practical ideas, techniques and interventions for helping to manage coachees who are blocked. This can include coachees who:

  • are taking longer than they would like to get a new job
  • may be experiencing ‘Imposter syndrome’
  • ‘resist’ the career coaching process ( ie late for, or miss meetings, don’t complete tasks agreed
  • you find challenging for a range of reasons
  • feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the actions they need to take.

Drawing from our experience, and from Coaching theories, this workshop will equip you to be more confident to respond to ‘stuckness’, your own and that of your clients.

Activities will include:

  • Description and discussion of some useful unblocking techniques and approaches
  • Live demonstration with a workshop participant
  • Pairs practice (as coach and coachee) with tutor guided feedback.

Price £55 plus VAT

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