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CCS press coverage

CCS Press Coverage

Below is all the recent press coverage received by Career Counselling Services:

People Management, July 2010

Read how CCS helped Oxfordshire County Council create a respected internal Career Coaching service, staffed entirely by volunteers. Learn how your organisation could save costs and support staff at the same time. See the article

people management article

Inside our County Council, June 2010

Oxfordshire County Council’s internal staff magazine

The establishment and continuing success of the council’s Career Coaching Service has led to it being nominated for a National Training Award. The winners of the National Training Awards will be decided in the autumn. See the article

Coaching at Work, June 2010

“The economic downturn should generate more business for outplacement coaches. So what type of services are they offering, and just how useful are they?” asks John Charlton. See the article

career mail article

Career Mail

Got a career dilemma? Career counselling could help. Whether you are dissatisfied and want a change, know what you want but not how to get it, or simply have no idea what would suit you, career counselling could be the way to help you decide.

The Independent

When a senior employee at Northamptonshire County Council was called into his manager’s office one black Monday morning and told that his position was under review for redundancy, he had one thought in his head: “Why me? Why my department and none other?”  See the article

Sunday Times

“He (Rob Nathan) showed a blend of interest in my career and personality, my family and educational background. Very clued up on both education and careers, he had pamphlets on everything and prospectuses for nearly every college and university.”

Support 4 Doctors

Why are you considering changing career? You may have gone into medicine because your family or your school encouraged you to, rather than because it was what you really wanted to do. You may have gone into medicine because you wanted to but now feel disillusioned with working in the NHS. You may have had doubts about working in medicine but decided to stick it out – until new problems emerged.

If so, you’re probably now thinking of changing careers.

just the job article

Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling

Developing sustainable career coaching in the workplace – Rob Nathan and Wendy HirshSee the article

‘Career Coaching’ in ‘Coaching at Work’, March 2014

There’s something incredibly energising about helping someone take control of their future and align their work and their life – Rob NathanSee the article

The Evening Standard

The Evening Standard writes about the CCS and Kingston University Career & Talent Management Masters Programme. See the article

Financial Mail on Sunday

THEY were boring days but they were happy days – if you liked being a cog.

The corporate ladder to comfortable retirement beckoned those who kept their shoes clean and laughed at the boss’s jokes. See the article

People Management

In this press coverage, Rob Nathan advises coaches to incorporate a number of counselling skills while recognising the boundaries between the two professions.