Building a personal brand

building a personal brand

Career Counselling Services specialise in building a personal brand:

“A personal brand is what someone says about you when you leave the room”
Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

“How we are seen in our organisation materially affects the possibilities that come our way” HR Director

In today’s employment climate, you can’t wait for someone else to manage your career for you. You need to get out there, get known and actively manage your reputation. You need to be aware of your career ‘narrative’ – the story you tell to yourself and then convey to others. Then you can effectively showcase elements of your narrative.

It is relevant whether you are in employment or looking for work.

What is a personal brand?

It is NOT bragging! A personal brand is what you are known for and how other people experience you. The goal is to make decision-makers aware of your skills, knowledge and experience and what value you can add. It can include showcasing a strength or a skill. But it is also about staying true to your values and purpose. It may be about the ‘outer’ you – what you show – but it also needs to be connected with the ‘inner’ you.

How can ‘Building a personal brand’ help your career?

The Building a Personal Brand programme involves two separate one-to-one meetings with preparatory exercises for you to complete independently before each meeting. By the end of your one-to-one meetings, you will be more confident to achieve some or most of the following:

  • be clearer about the qualities you wish to convey, and how to go about doing so
  • be more prepared to talk to anybody about what you are doing in a way that demonstrates your qualities
  • be better prepared for development discussions at work
  • be more confident to project your qualities in interviews
  • be able to explain clearly what you do and how you add value
  • be able to talk enthusiastically about some of your successes
  • be able to respond quickly when asked to talk about your work
  • be able to describe how your role integrates with the aims of the department, function or organisation

Who can benefit?

People who:

  • feel like their career development has stalled
  • want to be better at communicating their personal brand to others
  • are preparing for a job search
  • are returning to work after a break, and want to clarify their personal brand
  • want to be better at projecting their reputation within their employer, industry or profession
  • are considering a change of career and want to improve how they put across their personal brand

What does the Building a Personal Brand programme involve?

Stage 1: Preparation

Completing a short personal brand exercise, the Career Timeline and a few preparation questions. (Allow up to 2 hours)

Stage 2: Initial meeting (up to 2 hours)

With your career coach you will:

  • explore your career to date
  • clarify your career objectives
  • identify core ingredients of your personal brand
  • agree practical exercises to communicate your personal brand

There will be one or more practical assignments to complete before the next meeting

Stage 3: Follow-up meeting (up to 2 hours) – Usually takes place 1-2 weeks after the first meeting

With your career coach you will:

  • discuss and evaluate your practical assignments
  • be coached on ways to maximise bridges and minimise blocks
  • practice and receive feedback in communicating your personal brand
  • set further goals and actions

How do I take part?

Get in touch with us to arrange an initial conversation or to set up your first personal branding meeting.

And the cost?

The CCS Building a Personal Brand programme £500 + VAT, inclusive of two meetings (1.5 hours each), CCS Personal Brand exercises and email support between meetings