Career check-up

career check-upCareer Counselling Services has introduced a new career coaching programme: the career check-up:

New Programme: Career Check-Up

This 3 hour consultation, together with specially designed questionnaires, can help you:

  • put energy back into your career
  • gain valuable insights into what really motivates you
  • identify what helps you to be ‘at your best’
  • remind you of some of your key strengths and skills
  • gain tips to improve your CV
  • prepare you for an upcoming interview.


We can meet or Skype. A telephone discussion is also possible.

How it works

So we can tailor your Career Check-up to suit your needs, we will ask you to do some preparation:

  • you complete our Background Career Questionnaire and return it to us at least a week before your appointment
  • we send you further career questionnaires to complete prior to your appointment
  • you meet or Skype with your career coach for a three hour session. This might include further relevant questionnaires
  • we email you a Summary of the key points emerging from the meeting.


£450 + VAT for three hour intensive career review, inclusive of exercises

Please contact or telephone us directly on 0203 488 0734.