Do I need a career coach?

Have you ever thought: Do I need a career coach?

At some point in your career, have you ever asked yourself: do I need a career coach? If you have, Career Counselling Services can help.

Career management in the 21st century requires more thorough preparation than ever before. At CCS we use a four stage approach:

do i need a career coach

CCS Career Coaching  enables you to gain clarity on what motivates you at work, your transferable skills and when you function ‘at your best’. The unique CCS Job Template guides you to seeking work opportunities most likely to suit you.

Above all, you will gain control of your career development and direction.

Have a read of the statements below. If any apply to you, go to Finding Career Fulfillment. If you are already clear about what you want from work, you may be ready for our Boost your Job Search programme. If you are about to move into a new role, you will find our Transition Coaching programme invaluable.

  • I want a fulfilling career. Can you help me clarify my strengths and weaknesses, so that I will make my choice wisely?
  • I am stagnating in my current role, but there are limited opportunities for progression. Can you help me to think through what I really want and could do, so I can better plan my development needs?
  • I have never had the chance to talk over my career aims objectively. Can you help me do this?
  • I feel at a career crossroads. Can you help me decide which way to go?
  • I’ve always drifted into my jobs. It now seems the right time to make a definite decision for myself. Can you help me gain a sense of direction?
  • I am fairly sure I want to leave my current job. But I am not certain whether to change career, seek a new employer or move within my current organisation. Can you help me decide?
  • I’m good at my job, but I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to.  Can you help me explore what really motivates me?
  • I am uncertain whether the next step ‘up the ladder’ is suited to me. Can you enable me to gain a more independent view of my situation?
  • I think I’m good at my job, but my work relationships are not as good as they could be. Can you enable me to identify ways of building better contacts and networks?
  • I’m interested in so many things. Can you help me focus?
  • My work life balance is currently out of kilter. Can you help me to regain some perspective, and consequently a more satisfying balance?
  • My skills and interests are currently underutilised. Can you help me to think through ways of better using them in or out of work?

So are you asking yourself: Do I need a career coach? Contact Career Counselling Services today and see how we can help you take your career to where you want it to be.

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