First 100 Days Coaching

career transition coaching

Making a Success of Your Next Job Role

No matter how ‘right’ a job or employer seems ‘on paper’, the reality can be very different from what you expect. There are proven ways to prepare yourself, which can be crucial in contributing to a successful job move.

Some of the following situations may apply to you:

  • I am just about to start a new role, and am keen to adjust quickly to the new environment. Can you coach me to develop strategies, tools or techniques that will enable me to do so?
  • I’ve recently moved to a new role and I’m finding the adjustment hard. I’m wondering if I’ve made the right choice. Can you explore with me what is holding me back, and coach me in ways to get on top of this job?
  • My organisation has recently been through significant change, resulting in a shift in key personnel. I am keen to adapt swiftly to the new situation. Can you enable me to identify ways of demonstrating my strengths to respond to the demands of the new structure?

This CCS first 100 days coaching programme will enable you to:

  • understand the transition you are facing, its impact on you and the critical skills and strategies to apply
  • envisage what success means to you in your new role
  • be clearer about how you function ‘at your best’
  • find ways to understand the informal culture of the new environment
  • capitalise on your strengths and identify ways to manage your vulnerabilities
  • address ways to accelerate your learning in the new job
  • plan to establish early successes
  • develop ways to work effectively with the key people around you.

This first 100 days coaching programme will enable you to adapt and be effective in your new role more quickly. Both you and your employer will gain.

After your initial meeting, we will agree how many further meetings are needed. The usual number is four-eight over a 3-6 month period.


£1500 + VAT for six meetings, inclusive of exercises, CCS Notebook, between meeting email support.