Job Search: CCS Boost Job Search Programme

job searchThe CCS boost your job search programme consists of 1-4 meetings, depending on your need.
These are the areas you might cover with your Career Coach:

Job Search Strategy

  • targeting employers
  • setting yourself daily and weekly goals
  • considering alternative plans of action
  • keeping resilient in the face of setbacks
  • using your support networks

Making Interviews Work for you

  • improving your interview technique
  • presenting yourself confidently
  • matching your responses to the job
  • dealing with tricky questions.

Your Career Coach may decide with you to do a practice interview session. This may also be recorded and reviewed. This enables you to see the improvements you make.

We will also use exercises from The CCS Job Search Guide, which includes typical interview questions and suggested responses.

By this time, you will feel more ‘in control’ when going for your next interview.

Developing an Effective Curriculum Vitae

  • making your CV stand out from the crowd
  • using language effectively
  • using layout to highlight your key strengths.

We will give you exercises from the CCS Job Search Guide, which contains model CVs and many tips, tools and practical exercises. We will help you to develop at least one excellent CV. You will also learn how to produce your own CV for the future.

Powerful Networking

  • identifying job leads
  • building bridges with others
  • gathering information
  • networking to solve problems
  • generating ideas
  • developing your listening and questioning skills.

The CCS Networking Guide gives you many tips and guidelines on networking. Your career counsellor will coach you in how to use them effectively.


£250 + VAT per meeting, inclusive of CCS Job Search Guide and Networking Companion, CCS Notebook, email and telephone support between meetings