Career conversation: How to have an effective career conversation in 15 minutes!

career conversationThis one day training course on ‘How to have an effective career conversation in 15 minutes!’ will enable managers to develop their career coaching skills and confidence to have an effective career conversation with their direct reports.: Course Summary

Specifically, participants will be able to:

  • understand how to open the career conversation
  • enable the individual to describe what future success might look like
  • explore opportunities for development
  • give constructive feedback
  • use open questions
  • enable the individual to develop pragmatic goals and actions
  • actively listen, reflect back and summarise
  • understand the benefits of having career conversations and how they can positively impact on the team

Methods of training

Our training is based on Kolb’s four learning styles: active, reflective, based on sound models of practice, and pragmatic. Participants will:

  • practice having career conversations (three times)
  • be introduced to a staged model of career conversations
  • discuss relevant case studies
  • observe tutor demonstrations
  • undertake pre-reading and a brief assignment
  • be expected to put into practice the learning within one month of completion of the training