Interviewing skills

Interviewing skills course

This half day interactive Interviewing Skills course will enable you to more effectively express yourself at interviews.

Interviewing skills course aims

As Oprah Winfrey said: ‘Luck is preparation meeting opportunity’.

This course will provide you with a structure and effective strategies for preparing and practicing to put you in the best possible light for job interviews. You will have the opportunity to practice in an interview situation, focusing on both typical and demanding questions. You will also receive feedback enabling you to enhance your skills and shine in any interview situation.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Practised and received feedback on giving real examples which match the requirements of specific jobs
  • Analysed job descriptions and matched yourself against these descriptions by using key words
  • Understood the importance of structuring your answers and practised using specific phrases to assist the listener
  • Identified and rehearsed your three key strengths
  • Practised answering ‘difficult’ questions and positively framing your weaknesses
  • Focused on the most effective interpersonal skills for impressing the interviewer/s
  • Understood your personal impact and how you can improve this
  • Know about two techniques and one piece of research which will boost your confidence!


This is a highly interactive workshop with some input and lots of practice and feedback working in smaller groups and doing some fun activities to enhance your skills!

Next steps

This Workshop is run in-house for a minimum of six people. Please contact for further information.

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