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Leadership Development Journey masterclass: Summary

Helping your clients develop greater leadership capacity

This Leadership Development Journey Masterclass is for Coaches, Career Coaches and others working with individuals who hold leadership roles.

Becoming an effective leader is about more than gaining experience and developing appropriate skills. It is also a developmental journey to increasingly complex world views which create new options for effective leadership. Anyone working with leaders needs to understand these different world views, the impact they have on the leader’s effectiveness, and how to help the leader access more of these ways of making sense. And leaders need to understand their own world views and those of their followers if they are to lead successfully.

Until relatively recently, there was a general belief that development stopped in early adulthood and that from this stage adults’ ways of seeing the world and thinking about how to respond were relatively fixed. We now know that development can continue through adulthood – and also that a leader’s level of development can have a major impact on their effectiveness.

We will look at the different stages through which leaders can pass as they travel on this journey of development. We will then explore how these different stages evoke different types of coaching interventions and reflect on the implications for our coaching and career counseling practice.

This practical day will provide you with simple but powerful models to make sense of others’ – and your own – stages of development, and the consequences of this for how they and you make sense of and respond to leadership challenges. There will be opportunities to practice applying these models to your client work, and time to reflect on how to integrate them into your coaching practice.


You will leave this Leadership Development Journey Masterclass:

  • Understanding what growth/development is
  • Familiar with a multi-stage model of the leadership development
  • Able to hypothesise which stage of development an individual is at
  • Understanding how level of development relates to leadership effectiveness
  • Having a clearer sense of your own preferred world view – and how that might affect your effectiveness as a coach
  • Better able to support clients in moving to new world views and increased capabilities
  • Able to work with the four territories of leadership and change
  • Able to use this model in your coaching and counselling work

Who is this Workshop for?

This CCS Masterclass is open to experienced coaches only. You will need to possess a qualification in coaching or counselling, or be able to demonstrate experience, and be working currently with clients. The course is appropriate for:

  • Career coaches and counsellors
  • Coaches and counsellors working in-house or independently
  • Development professionals (eg HR, Learning & Development)
  • Leaders
  • Change management professionals
  • Outplacement consultants
  • Occupational, business and coaching psychologists

Style of Training

This is a practical ‘hands on’ day with opportunities to practice the skills, to gain tutor-guided feedback, and explore.


Dr Mike Munro Turner, BSc, MSc, PhD, DipCouns

Mike is the Senior Partner with Jericho Partners and a recognised authority on leadership coaching. He has been coaching individuals and teams for nearly 20 years – helping them develop their capacity for leadership and achieve increased levels of performance, effectiveness and fulfilment. As “Mike the Mentor” he delivers keynote speeches and publishes the UK’s premier coaching newsletter read by coaches and HR professionals across the world. He works with coaches and mentors as a supervisor to help them ensure the quality of their work and to support them in their professional development. For many years Mike was on the faculty of The School of Coaching where he trained coaches and managers in coaching skills, and was an associate with The Centre for Creative Leadership where he worked on their leadership development programmes. He has also been an academic, a software developer, a management consultant with the PA Consulting Group, and a psychotherapist.

For more details on Mike’s background and interests go his Mike the Mentor website.

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