Cathy Brown – Course tutor

Career Coach – MSc, MBA

career coach cathy brownAs a qualified career coach, Cathy Brown works with clients to address their career questions whether this involves reinventing a new career direction or looking at ways of enhancing their current work.

As an occupational psychologist, Cathy has well over a decade of experience in business and HR consulting. She has a Masters of Business Administration from the European School of Management, Paris, and has a Masters in Occupational Psychology with Birkbeck College, University of London.

She works as a business coach with the Prince’s Trust to help new business start-ups. She also is a guest lecturer on the general and executive MBA programme at Nottingham University. Cathy is the founder of Evolve Enterprise and the designer of Testing the Water questionnaire. Together with Rob Nathan, she has developed the Testing the Water Coaching Toolkit, which has helped many people consider their suitability for self employment. Organisations using Testing the Water include the BBC, Boots, Loughborough University and Shell International.

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