Career coaching for lawyers

career coaching for lawyers

Career Counselling Services specialise in career coaching for lawyers:

CCS Career Coaching for Lawyers

If you are currently questioning your commitment to the Law, you are not alone. Since 1978, many lawyers have consulted us. Some have decided to stay, and left with new resolve; others have made a change within the law; a few have left the law altogether.

A career change is not to be undertaken lightly. What you need is:

  • time to reflect in a considered way
  • conversations with someone not involved
  • good information about opportunities

CCCS offers some 30 years of experience in giving professional careers advice. Expert career counsellors give you the very best careers advice. Experienced lawyers on our Lawyers Advisory Panel offer you the opportunity to talk through your options, once you have clarity about your self and your direction.

If you are in a dilemma about your career direction, read the following statements. If any strike a chord, read on:

To Leave the Law or Stay?

  • I don’t feel as though I have the right personality and mindset to really get on in the law. Can you help me explore what options I might have both within and outside the law?
  • The law has turned out to be very different from what I expected. Can you help me to explore what I might do that would best suit my strengths and interests?
  • I used to be interested in the Law, but my motivations seem to have changed. Can you help me clarify what really does interest me?
  • I have not progressed to partner level and am seriously considering leaving. Can you help me to talk my decision through in a considered way and look at other options?
  • I have been told that I am headed for partner level but I am uncertain about the impact this would have on my work life balance. I’m not sure I want the responsibility and stress of becoming a partner. Can you help me to talk this decision through?
  • I have decided I want to leave this firm. Can you help me talk through the options?
  • My firm is not giving me the opportunity to develop. I’m frightened that if I leave, the situation will be the same elsewhere. Can you help me identify a set of criteria for judging whether to stay or go?

Returning to Work

  • I am considering coming back to work after a career break but I don’t want to go back to what I was doing before. Can you help me to develop my ideas?

Personal Development and Managing Stress

  • I feel overwhelmed by the work and don’t know how to manage my stress levels. I would appreciate the opportunity to get a clearer perspective on my current situation and decide what to do next
  • I have been given feedback that I don’t have the appropriate personal impact when dealing with clients. Can you coach me to develop these skills?
  • I find certain relationships at work very difficult and feel I am being bullied. Can you help me to develop my assertiveness in dealing with the demands of others?

How does Career Coaching for Lawyers Work?

Introductory Meeting

Our career coaching for lawyers programme starts with a half hour consultation (face-to-face or on the telephone) to decide whether the programme is appropriate for you and, if so, which career coach to see. If not, we will make suggestions for alternative help.

This consultation is free of charge.

Career Coaching for Lawyers Programme

Stage 1 – Written Preparation

Stage 2 – Consultation: Exploring (approx. 1.5 hours)

  • Exploring your career, education and training choices to date
  • Reviewing other life issues relevant to your career
  • Agreeing objectives for your programme, for example: do I need a change of career, firm or area of specialisation?
  • How suited is my personality type to my current work?
  • How can I achieve a better work-life balance?
  • What really interests me?
  • What kind of organisation culture might suit me?
  • Agreeing to use questionnaires and self-assessment assignments to address:
    • skills
    • interests
    • personality
    • values

Stage 3 – Career Questionnaires and Assignments Undertaken Between the Meetings (allow up to 6 hours)

Stage 4 – Consultation: Review (approx. 2 hours)

  • Review of questionnaires and assignments. This consultation can be tape recorded, if you wish. Experience shows that using tapes is most helpful in enabling you to reflect on the discussion, the results and possible implications. The tape is of course yours to use as you wish. You might, for example, want to share it with a partner or friend
  • Identifying key job satisfaction criteria, related to skills, interests and personality
  • Agreeing further assignments to identify and research options

Stage 5 – Consultation: Lawyers Advisory Panel (optional)

The next stage of our career coaching for lawyers programme is a consultation with a member of our Lawyers Advisory Panel. This meeting will enable you to talk through the options against your job satisfaction criteria, with someone highly experienced in advising lawyers on career direction.

This meeting may be taken at any appropriate stage of the process.

Stage 6 – Consultation: Decision Making (approx. 1.5 hours)

Review of research against job satisfaction criteria

  • Identifying further ideas for career or personal development
  • Constructing a Action Plan

A Written Summary can be provided, on request, at no extra charge. This acts as an aide memoire, by encapsulating the key findings from the questionnaires and assignments, together with areas agreed for further research and the appropriate action steps

Further Consultations (optional)

Putting the Career Plan into Action

You may need a further consultation to maintain the momentum of your action plan. This could include:

  • a consultation on polishing up your CV
  • writing an excellent application
  • preparing for interviews

This Further Consultation is Provided at no Extra Charge

What you can Gain from Career Advice for Lawyers

  • Greater self belief from a clearer understanding and recognition of your abilities, interests and personal strengths
  • ability to make a decision
  • the courage to make a change of job or career, if appropriate
  • the ability to gain a new role or find a new career path
  • clarity about your job satisfaction criteria, which can act as a template for future decisions
  • new ideas to help you develop and pursue your potential
  • a clearer vision of your future direction
  • a realistic Action Plan for your career and personal development.


The CCS Career Coaching for Lawyers programme costs £810 + VAT, inclusive  all online coaching, exercises, CCS Notebook,  between-meetings support, materials. A further £260 + VAT is payable for a consultation with a member of the Lawyers’ Panel